Duluth, MN – Black Woods On The Lake

One of three local locations for this mini-chain, the “Lake” location opened in 1997, with the aim of having small-town cafe charm, with the menu of more sophisticated restaurants.   The Duluth location, at 26th Avenue East and London Road, sits on a promontory overlooking Lake Superior, with views spanning from the harbor to the Eastern Horizon.  Menu specialities include Minnesota’s favorite fish, Walleye, served three ways;  rotisserie chicken,  wood-fire grilled pizzas, and “Famous” burgers, like the Pepperjack Cheeseburger ( Menu note: Jimmy’s famous burger is hand-formed and blended with roasted red pepper and Asiago cheese. Pepperjack cheese rides on top of this breaded and fried Black Woods specialty).

Exterior / Pepperjack Cheeseburger




Duluth, MN – The Peppercheese Burger Shootout!

My brother is on a personal quest to find the best peppercheese burger in Duluth, MN.   Today, the “old-timer” Pickwick (open since 1914), was paired against the new kid on the block (around for a mere thirty years),  Grandmas’s Saloon & Grill.  Hands down, he says the “Wick” rules.  I wonder if he was influenced by the side of the world’s greatest onion rings?   Eager to hear of your continued exploits, bro, what’s next, Guppy’s?  (BTW, beautiful shots!)

Interior Shot – Grandma’s / Grandma’s Peppercheese Burger /  Pickwick Peppercheese Burger

Grandmas interiorjpg

grandmas pepper cheesejpg

Pickwick Pepper Cheeseburgerjpg