How Do You Say?

Traveling abroad soon? You’ll never be hungry again with the following translations for “hot dog.”

Spanish – Perrito Caliente
Italian – Caldo Cane
China – 热狗
French – Chien Chaud
German – Heisser Hund, or Wurst
Portugese – Cachorro Quente
Swedish – Korv, or Varmkorv
Norweigan and Danish – Grillpolser
Czech – Park v Rohliku
Dutch – Worstjes
Finnish – Makkarat



This is “Burgers and Dogs Are My Life”, where you can post photos and snide comments of burgers and dogs you have loved (or hated). The recommended format is shown in the existing posts, try and include a shot of the place as well as the entree!   Let the games begin!