In Search Of America’s Best Thin Crust Pizza

I am about to set out on a pizza tour, because I love thin crust pizza!   Already on my list are some of my pizza on the weber grillife-long favorites,  Sammy’s (multiple Minnesota locations)’ iFratellis in Dallas; Basil’s (Bill’s recipe), Northfield, Minneosta; JJ Twigs, Lake Zurich, IL;  Marios, Arlington, VA:  a couple places I have heard about, but not tried, like Pointer’s in St. Louis, and Frank Pepe, New Haven.   For the purpose of my personal gluttony trip, thin crust is NOT NY style, where the front of the slice bends in your hand and the toppings slide off, NAY, but rather a thin crisp, cracker-like crust that holds the toppings in place!   And none of that fancy schmancy “artisan” pizza, either.   For me, fowl pizza is foul!   No flatbreads, no sun-roasted crap.  And it has to have red gravy!   And pork products! Please feel free to send along your suggestions, I’m hungry and itching to get on the road!



  1. Bring your earplugs, your thirst, and your appetite. Reservations recommended as they are always busy. If it is hot – sit outside .

  2. Try Pi Pizzeria in Nantucket, MA. He goes to incredible lengths to make the best and freshest pizzas.

    • Thanks for the tip! Pix on the website look great!

  3. Try Beaches in Vancouver, Washington. We weren’t done fully evaluating their offerings when we moved to the Oregon Coast, but they are worth consideration.

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