Shu Mai, Don’t Bother Me….”Punday” Breakfast

Even BurgerBoy takes a day off from dogs & pucks on occasion.  Even couple months we make dim sum for sunday breakfast, typical for us is leek, chive, or cucumber steamed dumplingshu mai1s, shu mai, green onion pancakes…..for me a “Hello Boss”  iced coffee from Taiwan,  chili garlic sauce from Guangzhou…..and in keeping with the way jao tse is served in Southern China, I always have dipping sauces of vinegar, minced garlic, and soy sauce nearby.  I once stopped at a dumpling restaurant in a small town near the Great Wall and ordered everything on the menu….cost us about $8 for two persons.   I was in dumpling heaven!


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  1. What a coinicidence, we make some of these items too. Are your “green onion pancakes” the same as “scallion cakes”? Flour/water mix. Allow to rest. Turn out on board with lard (we use sesame oil). Flatten. Sprinkle with chopped green onion or scallion. Roll into tube, cut in pieces, reflatten, deep fry, immediately cover with kosher salt and cut into pieces. Looks exactly like what you have in the picture above.

    Am seeking a good recipe for turnip with sticky rice. It is served in chunkes, steamed. We have the ingredients. Got one?

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