Portland, OR – “Eat”

Yes, that’s the name of the place, and yes, this isn’t strictly a “burger” per se, or a “dog”, but it is “cat” at least of the fish variety, (not the type of cat we ate in China, but that’s for another blog)…..so call it a catfish burger, which is actually a po boy, (with a few local changes, tho they believed it to be authentic, i.e. cabbage instead of lettuce and spicy aioli in lieu of mayo or remoulade) but  seldom seen since I left N’awlins post Katrina, and I enjoyed every single bite! Oyster shooters on the side!  Eat is @ 3808 N. Williams in Portland.   Menu is online here.




  1. Gotta visit, but I can’t find the address. Google seems to find “eat” in every restaurant/cafe URL. Go figure!

    Olympia beer? Naw… Can’t be!

    • Thanks for pointing out the errrors of my way. Post is amended to include address and link to menu!

  2. Peter! Great job on the blog. My fingers are twitching because they want to look up flights to Portland. The catfish sounds wonderful. Thinking about it makes me hungry.

    • Seems like you could walk across the street and get one, George! But PDX is a foodie paradise, for sure. Go figure.

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