This is “Burgers and Dogs Are My Life”, where you can post photos and snide comments of burgers and dogs you have loved (or hated). The recommended format is shown in the existing posts, try and include a shot of the place as well as the entree!   Let the games begin!


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  1. These are VERY average burger places posted….STEAK & SHAKE? Gimme a break.
    If anybody out there wants to know about great Burgers let’s create either better entries here or a new site.
    How about a burger from Gibsons on Rush in Chicago? How about a Burger from The Tavern on the Green in NYC? How about a burger from FOX’s In (South) Miami or a burger from Musso & Frank in Hollywood, now you’re talking about a REAL f-ing burger…made form sirloin or sirloin and tenderloin mixed….with fresh ingredients and not some sloppy 1/4 to 1/3 pice of ground fatty grissle……HOW about THAT? Let’s make this a REAL burger site and contest, not some amatuer lane for BUrger-King and McDonald’s escapees……

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